GU Crew

The GU Crew are the handful of athletes we support. We also support a number of long distance events with GU Energy gels and chews to help spread the GU love far and wide.

Endurance Life

Endurance Life champions the spirit of adventure with a diverse range of UK trail-running events from 10k up to ultra distances. From the rugged cliffs of the Jurassic Coast to the serene lakes of the Lake District, these races celebrate the beauty of the UK's landscapes. With challenging terrains, ascents, and descents, participants of all levels test their limits.

More than races, Endurance Life events embody resilience, fostering a community committed to overcoming obstacles. Their eco-friendly approach minimizes environmental impact, creating an enduring connection between runners and nature. These events, like the Coastal Trail Series, encapsulate the essence of adventure and camaraderie in the pursuit of personal achievement.

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Centurion, a UK-based ultra distance trail event organizer, is dedicated to hosting the best-supported, professionally organized, and runner-oriented ultra-distance trail races.
Founded by James Elson, who currently serves as the race director for all events, Centurion prioritizes transparency, sustainability, and minimizing environmental impact. Operating without permanent staff, the organization relies on a remarkable group of individuals and volunteers to ensure safe and professional race management.

Their races, span 50km, 50 miles, or 100 miles non-stop, feature fully stocked aid stations, enthusiastic volunteers, and constant medical support along the course, embodying Centurion's commitment to an exceptional trail running experience.

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