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These take the classic soccer game orange slices to the next level. The tangy (but not quite sour) zip will get your mouth watering, but the juicy sweetness swiftly evens things out. This refreshing citrus flavour is at the top of its game.

Blueberry Pomegranate blends two unique berry essences into one smooth flavour. (Fun fact: Pomegranates are technically berries!) Called Blue Pom for short, it is sweet, floral, and fruity. Tastes like a favourite gummy candy, works like an Energy Chew. (Love this flavor? Try our Blueberry Pomegranate ROCTANE Energy Gel!)

+ ingredients

A tart and mouth-watering GU you can chew with triple the sodium of other GU Chews to aid in your hydration.

Just like your grandmother’s homemade jam, Strawberry Energy Chews are perfectly sweet, a little tart, and definitely bold. It’s like we took the brightest strawberry right off the bush and packed that flavour into an energy-packed chew. They taste like a gummy snack, and work like a champion.

+20mg Caffeine per serving

As any juicy watermelon should be, this flavour is mouth-watering. The timeless refreshing taste of watermelon highlights every bite, while a touch of sweetness acts as a supporting role. But the star in this flavour? Juiciness. Bursting with juiciness, this flavour will make your mouth water and remind you of summer.

We had to include this mouth-watering classic as part of our line of Energy Chews to keep you fuelling through your workout. They're sour, sweet, and so satisfyingly refreshing.

Suggested Use guide

    0-1 Hours of effort

    When you're exercising for an hour or less, it's important to start your workout well-hydrated and energized. Five minutes before your activity, top off your energy stores with an Energy Gel. It's always best to take a few sips of water to help your body process your fuel.

    1-2 Hours of effort

    When you're exercising for longer than an hour, it's important to refuel along the way. Aim to eat an Energy Gel every 30-45 minutes to keep going strong, and be sure to hydrate while taking gels to help your body efficiently process your fuel.

    2-3 Hours of effort

    As you increase exercise duration, your body needs more. Supplement your Energy Gels with Energy Chews, Hydration Tabs for electrolyte replacement, or Roctane Energy Drink for energy and hydration in one.

    3+ Hours of effort

    During really long efforts, it's impossible to replace everything you're burning, but you can maximize your performance by eating as much as your body can comfortably process. Boost your BCAA consumption with Roctane Energy Gels or Roctane Drink Mix, which will help protect your muscles as you go longer.