• Roctane Blueberry Pomegranate
  • Roctane Blueberry Pomegranate
  • Roctane Lemonade
  • Roctane Strawberry Kiwi
  • Roctane Chocolate Sea Salt
  • Roctane Salted Lime
  • Roctane Chocolate Coconut
  • Roctane Cold Brew Coffee

Blueberry Pomegranate blends two unique berry essences into one smooth flavour. (Fun fact: Pomegranates are technically berries!) Called Blue Pom for short, it is sweet, floral and fruity. Tastes like a favourite jam, works like a ROCTANE Energy Gel. This Energy Gel flavour has been so well-received that we also made it into an Energy Chew flavour.

+ 35mg Caffeine per gel

Lemonade is designed for hot summer training. Not only does it taste just like a refreshing glass of ice-cold lemonade, but it also has the most sodium out of any Energy Gel. This means it’s even better at helping you stay hydrated while you’re out there in the heat…because nothing beats lemonade in the heat.

Caffeine Free

Strawberry Kiwi is that crisp, juicy flavour you crave in the summer. It’s not only a perfect blend of kiwi and strawberry essences, but also the perfect blends of sweet and tart. Reach for it when you want to be transported to a tropical paradise during your next run, ride, or adventure.

+ 35mg Caffeine per gel

Sea Salt Chocolate takes the chocolate game to a whole ‘nother level. Crafted with delicious, dark chocolate that meets textured flakes of sea salt, this flavour is a true delicacy. If you or someone you know is a chocolate fan, this is the one for them.

+ 35mg Caffeine per gel

When we set out to create a new Roctane flavour crafted specifically for hot, dusty training and racing we asked athletes what flavour they crave in those conditions. Salted Lime was the clear winner. It’s a tart, mouth-watering burst of fresh lime flavour with a salty zing that will keep you feeling your best over the long haul. Plus, a portion of sale proceeds benefit the Western States Endurance Run Foundation.

+ 35mg Caffeine per gel

Chocolate Coconut brings out the best (dessert) in all of us. Right out the gate, this flavour strikes with a strong, toasty coconut flavour. But you only have to wait a moment for the rich, fudge-like dark chocolate that comes to balance things out. It reminds us of our favourite island-themed, chocolate-coconut cookies.

+35mg Caffeine

Cold Brew Coffee delivers the bitter yet smooth taste you expect from a refreshing cup of cold brew coffee. Packed with 70mg of caffeine (double the amount compared to other caffeinated ROCTANE Energy Gels), Cold Brew Coffee is enough to get you out the door, even if you’ve hit snooze one too many times.

+70mg Caffeine


Original Energy Gels

GU Original Energy Gels pack quick, effective, and sustained energy to meet the demands of all types of activity, in a convenient packet small enough to fit in your pocket.

Key Differences

  • 32g
  • Smooth Gel
  • 100 cal
  • 22g Carbs
  • 50-125mg Electrolytes
  • 450mg BCAA
  • 0mg, 20mg, 40mg Caffeine
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The same portable and fast-absorbing carbohydrates as our original Energy Gel in a refreshing liquid form.

Key Differences

  • 60g
  • Light Liquid
  • 95 cal
  • 23g Carbs
  • 75mg Electrolytes
  • 450mg BCAA
  • 0mg, 20mg, 40mg Caffeine
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For long-duration and high-intensity activities, with more electrolytes and amino acids.

Key Differences

  • 32g
  • Smooth Gel
  • 100 cal
  • 21g Carbs
  • 125mg or 180mg Electrolytes
  • 1425mg BCAA
  • 0mg, 35mg, 75mg Caffeine

Suggested Use guide

    0-1 Hours of effort

    When you're exercising for an hour or less, it's important to start your workout well-hydrated and energized. Five minutes before your activity, top off your energy stores with an Energy Gel. It's always best to take a few sips of water to help your body process your fuel.

    1-2 Hours of effort

    When you're exercising for longer than an hour, it's important to refuel along the way. Aim to eat an Energy Gel every 30-45 minutes to keep going strong, and be sure to hydrate while taking gels to help your body efficiently process your fuel.

    2-3 Hours of effort

    As you increase exercise duration, your body needs more. Supplement your Energy Gels with Energy Chews, Hydration Tabs for electrolyte replacement, or Roctane Energy Drink for energy and hydration in one.

    3+ Hours of effort

    During really long efforts, it's impossible to replace everything you're burning, but you can maximize your performance by eating as much as your body can comfortably process. Boost your BCAA consumption with Roctane Energy Gels or Roctane Drink Mix, which will help protect your muscles as you go longer.

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