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When do I need to fuel during marathon training?

If you are running under 60 minutes, top off your energy with an Energy Gel or four Energy Chews five-minutes before you get going. For runs over 60 minutes, you need to bring fuel along with you. We recommend eating one Energy Gel or four Energy Chews every 45 minutes along the way. Whenever you eat, it's important to hydrate to assist with absorption!

What's the difference between an Energy Gel and a ROCTANE Energy Gel?

Simply put, ROCTANE Energy Gels have more amino acids and more electrolytes. You should switch to ROCTANE Energy Gels for runs lasting longer than 90 minutes and/or over 10 miles.

What should I do if I don't like Energy Gels?

You still need to fuel while you're running, so we recommend trying Liquid Gels or Energy Chews (half the pack is approximately equal to one Energy Gel). If you want to combine your hydration with your fuel, you can try our ROCTANE Energy Drink Mix, which delivers the equivalent of 2.5 Energy Gels in one serving (21 oz).